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Bring the Island Home

*Bring the island home   Are you looking at these layouts and feeling jealous of the extra counter space and storage space provided by an island? There are ways to grab those benefits without actually contracting a professional to install an island for thousands of dollars. You don’t even need all that much floor space. Mobile islands are an excellent way to add size to your kitchen. Keep it about as tall as your counters so you can pull it right up to them and so it is tall enough for guests to sit at on stools. The more height it has, the more shelves or racks you can install for a huge boost of storage space. If your kitchen can’t support more than a couple of people, you can move the island through the doorway and you’ll have a great serving space and further increase the connection between the kitchen and the adjacent space.

*Measure twice…   The kitchen, because of cabinetry, makes vertical space more precious than usual. When purchasing countertop appliances, pay attention to all their dimensions — height especially. For tall items like a mixer, you’ll want to be careful that you can stow it deep in the counter, under the cabinets, when it is not in use. You shouldn’t own any small appliances that are taller than the height between your counter and your lowest cabinet.

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